Renaissance Fine Woodworking, Inc. was started in 1990 as a construction firm in Madison, WI, by Tom and his then-partner Orlando. Among their projects was the restoration of the Smith House, a Frank Lloyd Wright home in the Usonian style. Renaissance has morphed through many stages into its present form -- Paul joined the fray in 2001, then became partner in 2004. We incorporated in 2008, and now have cushy desk jobs.

Tom Rodgers (with his lovely wife Kathleen, a professor of Human Development at WSU) lives just up the hill from our shop, in a Craftsman-style bungalow. Paul estimates that Tom has added 24,560 lbs to his home over the last 20 years. A California native, Tom got his degree in Natural Resources and spent 8 years as a silviculturalist, surveying timber for the Forest Service in Oregon. He has made is living as a builder and woodworker since 1986, first in Madison, WI, then in Tennessee, finally moving to the Palouse in 1997. A social and gregarious guy and a Cougar fan, he enjoys the Great Outdoors and a good laugh with friends.

Paul Hill spent most of his life in Colorado, where he prolonged his youth by skiing in the winter and running rivers in the summer. He now lives in Pullman, WA with his lovely wife Laura, also a professor of Human Development at WSU. Paul sings Barbershop with the Palouse Harmony Chorus, and repairs and restores stringed instruments in his other shop.  A new Grandad, he will show you pictures if you ask--

Our shop is located at 535 Riverview Drive in Pullman, WA, in a slightly funky (but kind of cool) warehouse down by the railroad tracks. It used to be the Pullman Recycling Center, and still sports the logo on the wall. We approve. We have a small crew of dedicated craftsmen and 3300 square feet of floor space devoted to Fine Woodworking and Sawdust Production.