Figured Cherry Farmhouse​

This country home, owned by a long-standing local farming family, was thoroughly remodeled in 2009.  Renaissance was hired to do the kitchen cabinetry (in cherry, as you can see) and the trim package (vertical grain Fir) throughout the front of the house. The difference was dramatic, as you can see from the before and after pictures.

Tom inspects the kitchen as the last details are complete. This is a good-feeling moment, everything in order, the new kitchen starting its new life.

Wavy-glass doors on a high display cabinet make a nice frame for the window above the sink. The crown moulding makes the cabinetry seem rooted to the ceiling, and makes the proportions feel natural.

This style of cabinet is designed to mimic the look of furniture, with the lower cabinets sitting on a base with legs. It also features inset doors for a clean and smooth facade; raised panels give an extra layer of visual interest, and add weight to the door. Exposed-knuckle hinges and bin pulls on the drawers lend a period look-- not too modern. Note the pull-out cutting board above the drawer. Cherry will darken considerably with age, and take on a rich reddish-brown glow.

This tall broom closet fills the nook by the fridge, where foot traffic makes the corner into the bedroom wing. It is set back to stay out of the way.


After The efficient new refrigerator is hidden behind figured cherry doors. It is cabinet-depth, so it doesn't stick out into the traffic flow. Drawer-style freezer is on the bottom.


After The dining-room side of the peninsula has a set of drawers fronting the dining room for place settings, tablecloths, etc. The curved granite breakfast bar invites company for the cook.


After The new trim package includes 4-panel doors and a vertical-grain Fir casing, styled to match the period of the house. The home had been remodeled before, and had "that '70's look"


After The fireplace was clad with local stone, and we installed a Fir mantle.