Refined Rustic


This kitchen is part of an historic bungalow home that was moved to a new location.  We added an addition (behind the ceiling beam) and reworked the entire interior; the owners gave us some lattitude in designing this addition and we had some fun!  Note the mixed woods- Maple and Cherry- and the furniture quality to the island, despite the wiring concealed in the leg.  The crowned cabinet above the vent hood makes the chef's stove the center of the kitchen.  

An eclectic approach. Mixed woods, varied surfaces and textures, but the effect is harmonious and appropriate for a restored farmhouse.

This is one of our all-time favorite pieces. Seven feet tall, with beaded panels, beaded door and drawer openings, leaded glass, lighted interior and a furniture foot, this is a gorgeous thing to behold, and sets the tone for the entry to the kitchen.

A country feel in a modern kitchen. The color scheme, and the farmer's sink, do the trick! Note the huge pot drawers on the right, beside the stove.

There is a tall spice pullout on both sides of the stove, decorated with inset medallions that the owner had collected. Note the finger-pull space on the side of the pullout. The beaded drawer openings around the inset drawers lend a refined look, but the bin-pull drawer handles keep the kitchen firmly grounded in the country.