On this page you will find photos of past cabinetry jobs, some with links to photo-essays of the projects. We selected these projects to show wood species, construction techniques, finishes, hardware, ect so you can get a feel for the choices you might want to make when it comes time to remodel your home. Some of these projects are cabinets only, some are remodeled spaces, and some are home additions that we built from scratch. 

 All of them are Renaissance projects from start to finish. 

Maple kitchen in a Renaissance remodel. We opened the wall separating the kitchen from the living spaces and built a modern kitchen in this new configuration. This was part of a full-scale remodel of a Pullman tract house into an elegant and modern home. 

Country kitchen, including a Renaissance addition. Mixed maple and cherry cabinetry, and the furniture-style island and hutch, make this an interesting tour of styles. We had fun with this one!

Tom, contemplating an omelet. This is a fully modern cherry kitchen in a country home. We also replaced the door and window trim with a period-appropriate package, re-worked the fireplace, and replaced doors, etc throughout the house.

The lovely Erik demonstrates the features of a Renaissance built-in pantry 

Stainless steel and cherry Euro-style cabinetry in a designer kitchen. Robert Barnstone, architect.

A simple, sunny maple kitchen in a Renaissance-remodeled space. We opened the wall to the dining room with an arched pass way, opening sightlines throughout the house.

Joey gives scale to a Hickory entertainment center with Walnut countertops, temporarily assembled in the shop. Below, the finished product awaits its massive TV.

Not your typical kitchen. This modular kitchen-in-a-box was a gift to our friend Robert Barnstone, who hosts our yearly Boys’ Weekend of skiing in Canada. This mini-kitchen fit in a pickup truck, and we installed it between bouts of ragged-edge skiing and gourmet revelry.