Liturgical Furniture

The new All-Saints Catholic Church in Lewiston, Idaho, was built in 2014 to consolidate several smaller churches into a single congregation. We were chosen to build the Altar, Tabernacle, Ambo (lectern), tables, chairs, and candlesticks: the furnishings used in the liturgy. Built of African mahogany with granite accents and tops, these are massive pieces, designed to direct the congregation’s thoughts towards permanence and meaning

Made of African mahogany with a heavy granite top, the altar at All-Saints Catholic Church has an air of permanence. Housed within are relics from each of the historical Catholic churches in Lewiston’s past.

The stately mahogany “tabernacle” cradles the actual brass Tabernacle, which is home to sacred documents for the Church.

Fitting the ‘roof’ to the base structure. This was a fun day, things were coming together and looking good.

An afternoon sunbeam provides a suggestive glow to the Tabernacle as the new roof goes on

The Ambo (lectern) is a complicated piece: the top section glides up and down on motorized lifts and the leather desktop slides forward to accommodate a seated lecturer. The piece is wired for lights and sound. Here, the lift system gets a test run in our shop.

Granite lined nosings make a pleasing pattern in the afternoon sun.

An interesting moment in the shop: this is our OSHA-approved jig for beveling the tops and bottoms of the chamfers. The beveled chamfer theme was repeated a hundred times on this job, but this was the most photogenic.

The view from the pilot’s seat. The new church seats 1100.

A friend of ours milled the brass candlestick rings. We were there to watch the artistry.

Three solid chairs await their occupants. The best seat in the house!

An army of clamps puts the squeeze on a table rim during final assembly