Maple Craftsman

This house is a 1970s tract home in a nice location in Pullman, WA, owned by an active family with Montana roots. Renaissance was hired to thoroughly remodel the interior, including gutting the entire kitchen, removing walls, and re-working the living room, stairs, and fireplace. New windows, doors, floors and lighting were installed. The transformation speaks for itself. Renaissance was subsequently hired to work on their Montana house, and we re-used the old cabinets there. 

New rock fireplace, local walnut mantle

Living room, before the remodel.

After the remodel, a nice place to read a book!

Demolition done, ready to rebuild

After The cooktop is vented with a “pop-up” downdraft vent, which rises mysteriously when needed then disappears under the surface of the countertop. A computer desk sits in the corner, with filing cabinet and printer below.

Before: Dated, big-box-store oak cabinets, tiny island, time for some updating!

New look, new feel, new space