We enjoy projects that are out of the ordinary. This 1958 Santa Fe trailer was our 2010 oddball project winner.

Gable-end chicken coop (with basement access) for pampered New Hampshire Reds

This home was built by an artist; out of salvaged timbers (he dragged them up and down the gravel road behind his pickup to “sand” them smooth). It’s a cool house, one of a kind, and we were hired to replace the shoddy closet system with something more in keeping with the rest of the house. We built this stairway to the attic and the closet system, out of salvaged lumber from a torn down barn, and built in this sliding shoe rack under the stairs.

A mahogany and walnut pedestal for a cougar statue, a gift from WSU President Elson S. Floyd to the university.

Working drawing and finished product: the office of our favorite CPA, Carmel Minogue. She saw the office of her dreams in a split-second frame from an action movie, just as a rampaging tank was demolishing it. She brought us the movie, and we adapted the design for her odd-angled office space.

We duplicated this lamp, found at a garage sale, for some friends. The cable runs up inside one of the legs.

Sculpting a sword for a local fraternity. We make a surprising number of these, but we don’t ask why.

A heavy Oak trellis system for Merry Cellars Winery in Pullman. The beams were bent-laminated (below), milled and then “distressed” with chains, saws, hatchets, belt sanders, etc. in a sadistic frenzy. We built the finished arch on the right, too, but we restrained ourselves.

Plan and completed sculptural bookcase for a local professor.  Baltic Birch plywood with a steel edgeband around the perimeter., steel base with birch facial features.  He plans to put a small light inside the base, so it will glow subtly.  And disturbingly.