Renaissance Shop


Our home since 2001, this solid and quirky warehouse used to house the Pullman Recycling Center, back when that was a new concept! Located along Paradise Creek, we sometimes think of launching our canoe and heading downriver. 

Funky but kind of cool, our shop and second home is 3300 feet of wood storage and sawdust production

Joey laughs, thinking of all the good times ahead

Awash in sunlight, Andy applies the finish coat to a church signboard.

A mad scramble to maintain a wet edge, a tall cherry armoir gets stained in the spray booth.

The lovely Erik fits out a built-in pantry.

Ever the careful craftsman, Lee assembles a mahogany table on the workbench.

Tenons await their moritses in the afternoon sunlight.

A welsh cupboard from the 1700’s is in for major repairs. Worm-eaten and delicate, this piece has history that goes WAY back.

Scraps by the door

unlimited supply. Gardeners welcome!