Sun-Room Addition

This sunny addition was added to the weathered south end of a 50’s home in Pullman. The backyard is a beautiful enclave in a small-town urban setting, and the new design brings that wonderful scene indoors.

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An inviting segue to the outdoors. And a nice outdoors to segue to!

The existing house, though appealing in its initial design, had weathered badly. The windows were outdated, the porch was falling apart, and the fireplace obscured the great backyard view from most of the living areas of the house.

The new shell takes shape. Poured concrete foundations make this a solid addition, and the exposed-beam "top hat" design makes it feel substantial and visually interesting.

Oak trim package, fir ceiling, lots of glass and the exposed beams make the room seem large, and the sun lights up the rest of the house. A great place for rejuvenation, and a small glass of wine.